Six Months Coffee Box (SAVE £15-£20) - 1 box every month for 6 months

  • £190.00
Tax included.

Choose if you would like your coffee in whole bean or sent to you pre-ground.
The method you use to brew your coffee effects the grind size, we will pre-grind your coffee according to this option you choose so you get the combined benefits of convenience and the best flavour possible.

A fabulous gift for a coffee lover

Save £15 with this 6 month coffee box when purchaseing 250g bags

Save £20 with this 6 month coffee box when purchaseing 1kg option.

We will send you one of our responsibly sourced coffees (250g, or 1kg bag) each time at the frequency you have requested for 6 months. The coffee will be ground or whole bean however you have chosen. Our aim is to send you a different coffee each time along with a different coffee brew guide that will help you get each brewing method with our coffee just right. 

  • different coffee each time
  • set the amount 250g / 1kg
  • choose whole bean or ground
  • contacted 3 days before each card charge
  • cancel at any point
  • automatic direct to your door
How it works
  • 1 bag of coffee every month (250g or 1kg) will be sent to the shipping address
  • First bag ships when the order is placed
  • Recurring shipments of coffee will be sent every month on the same date the order was placed
  • 1 time payment
  • We will send you confirmation of payment and each shipment

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