Uganda / Natural Process / 250g (1kg also available)

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Choose if you would like your coffee in whole bean or sent to you pre-ground.
The method you use to brew your coffee effects the grind size, we will pre-grind your coffee according to this option you choose so you get the combined benefits of convenience and the best flavour possible.

This coffee is produced by Ndungu Patrick who is the owner of the lead farm, Baluku Yonasani Farm, out of 462 farms that partner with Omwani Coffee Co. Located in western region of Uganda, Kasese District. The production of this Natural processed coffee, SL14, SL28 and Catuai variety is done at Kisinga Coffee washing station (which is in the Kasese District).

We're sure you'll enjoy this flavourful coffee from Rwanda.

  • choose a regular subscription or one-time buy
  • choose a bag size
  • choose whole bean or pre-ground
For Subscription Option
  • 1 bag of coffee (250g or 1kg) will be sent to the shipping address at each set time
  • First bag ships when the order is placed
  • Recurring shipments of coffee will continue to be sent at the chosen frequency
  • Your first charge will be taken from your card when you place the order
  • You will be reminded 3 days before reoccurring charges to your card
  • Can be canceled anytime

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